Our Story

Hello, and welcome! Meet my kids, Hudson and Logan (yes, Logan is a girl!) as they are my inspiration and driving force behind Huds + Lolo Designs. 
As a parent, it’s always difficult to find high-quality, stylish hats that can outlast the not-so-gentle handling of a toddler and young child. If you’re a parent reading this, I know you know what I mean! Together, with my graphic design background, my great search for the best baseball caps on the market, and local embroiderers whose intricate work is second to none, our children’s hat line was born.
As any small business, we try to make your shopping experience a positive and memorable one. If there’s a hat or style you like, but are curious to know if we can produce it in a modified way, just send us a message! We’re happy to try our best to meet your needs.

Thank you for stopping by and happy shopping! xo
PS - Since we were doing introductions, the handsome guy next to me on the log is Hank...you guessed it! He's the supportive husband and baby daddy :)
With love and gratitude always,

Lina Ma | Founder 
Huds + Lolo Designs